In March of 2019, BCDC recommended that staff conduct a comprehensive review of the Suisun Marsh Protection Plan (Protection Plan) to determine if the Protection Plan needs to be amended to effectively meet its stated objectives to, “… Preserve and enhance the quality and diversity of the Suisun Marsh aquatic and wildlife habitats and to assure retention of upland areas adjacent to the Marsh in uses compatible with its protection.” In February of 2020, BCDC initiated a review of the Suisun Marsh Protection Plan. This process is supported by a stakeholder working group composed of staff from local governments, relevant local, state, and federal agencies, and scientific experts.

Background of the Suisun Marsh Protection Plan

The Nejedly-Bagley-Z’berg Suisun Marsh Preservation Act of 1974 directed the Commission and the California Department of Fish and Game to prepare the Suisun Marsh Protection Plan (Protection Plan). In December 1976, the Commission submitted the Protection Plan to the Governor and the Legislature. The Suisun Marsh Preservation Act was enacted in 1977 to incorporate the findings and policies of the Protection Plan into state law. The Protection Plan directs BCDC to give local governments and agencies with jurisdiction in the Marsh primary responsibility for carrying out the Protection Plan through a Local Protection Program (LPP). The LPP should include relevant portions of the general plans, development and maintenance plans, and regulatory procedures of Solano County; the Solano County Local Agency Formation Commission; the Cities of Benicia, Suisun City, and Fairfield; and two special districts (Solano County Mosquito Abatement District and the Suisun Resource Conservation District). These relevant policies and practices are contained in seven LPP components.

Suisun Marsh Policy Review Goals

  • Assess if existing Protection Plan policies should be amended to effectively preserve and protect the Suisun Marsh
  • Determine whether new policies should be added to the Protection Plan so that the Suisun Marsh can be preserved and protected
  • Evaluate how the LPP may need to be updated in response to any potential amendments to the Protection Plan

Working Group, Public Hearings, Public Workshops, and Commission Briefing Materials

The Suisun Marsh Protection Plan Review kick-off meeting was held on February 13, 2020 in Fairfield, CA.