Dredged Material Management Office

The DMMO was created as part of the LTMS program to provide a “one-stop shop” for processing applications for dredging a disposal projects in the San Francisco Bay region. The goal of this interagency group is to increase efficiency and coordination between the member agencies and to foster a comprehensive and consolidated approach to handling dredged material management issues. DMMO offers a consolidated application that can be jointly processed for each agency’s permits for dredging and dredged sediment disposal or placement projects in San Francisco Bay, the San Francisco Deep Ocean Disposal Site and beneficial reuse sites. DMMO cooperatively reviews sediment quality sampling plans, analyzes the results of the sediment quality tests, makes suitability determinations for disposals and manages and tracks the region’s dredging and disposal projects.

Consolidated Dredging-Dredged Material Reuse/Disposal Application

The Consolidated DMMO application form is to be used when applying for a permit for a project involving only dredging and/or dispose of dredged material in San Francisco Bay and can be used instead of filling out the individual application forms for each of the Bay regulatory agencies. For projects involving the placement of fill or other work in addition to dredging a regular BCDC permit application should be submitted.