How to apply for a time extension to your permit

If you have a BCDC permit and need to extend the deadline for starting construction, completing the project, or complying with another requirement of the permit, follow these steps to request a time extension 

Timeline: Typically 1 to 1.5 months

Cost: $300

  1. Send BCDC a letter requesting the time extension
    Prepare a letter that requests the time extension. Be as specific about the request as possible, detailing:

    • The exact deadline(s) you are requesting be extended
    • The length of time by which you need the deadline(s) to be extended
    • The reason why your project can no longer meet the original deadline
    Have each permittee listed on the BCDC permit sign the letter. Scan the original as a PDF and email it to with the subject line “Time Extension Request: [BCDC PERMIT NUMBER].”
  2. Submit your application and pay application fee
    The $300 application fee must be paid by check payable to “San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission.” Send the check to our offices via USPS, UPS, or FedEx.
  3. Work with your BCDC contact
    A staff member will be assigned to review your request. They will inform you within 30 days if any additional information is required to support review of your request.

    BCDC will respond to your request with a letter approving or denying the request. If approved, the letter will state the length of time extension you have been granted.

For detailed and official instructions about this process, see Chapter 8 of BCDC’s administrative regulations.