Bay Plan Amendment 3-17 – San Francisco Waterfront Special Area Plan

On September 19, 2019, BCDC unanimously initiated a process to amend the San Francisco Bay Plan to update the San Francisco Waterfront Special Area Plan. This amendment process is now underway.

Upcoming Meetings, Public Hearings, and Opportunities for Comment

Stay tuned for additional information on Commission briefings, workshops, and other outreach events.

Background Information

Port of San Francisco’s Waterfront Plan

In 2015, the Port published a Waterfront Plan Review report about the waterfront projects and changes that have taken place since 1997, when the Waterfront Plan was initially adopted. The Port identified new issues that needed address and created the Waterfront Plan Working Group, supported by seven Advisory Teams. Their 3-year planning process delved into land use, transportation, resilience, and several other issues, leading to public recommendations about how the Port waterfront should be improved in the future, which is incorporated in the Draft Waterfront Plan.