Permit Compliance

To assure full compliance with the Commission's laws and policies, permits granted by the Commission include conditions that must be carried out as part of the authorized project. Upon obtaining your permit, you must sign the permit and send it to us. You must then fully implement the permit requirements. Upon project completion and before your permit expires, you must submit a Notice of Completion. Following project completion, you must comply with the ongoing requirements of your permit, such as monitoring of marsh restoration and maintenance of public access improvements.

Permit conditions can include requirements to obtain plan review and approval before construction begins, construct, guarantee and maintain public access and view corridors to the Bay, and mitigation requirements to offset adverse environmental impacts of the project.

If your project involves establishment of an owner's association, BCDC may need to review and approve the draft Conditions, Covenants and Restrictions (CC&R's) that will govern the property.

If you sell or otherwise transfer the ownership interest of your property, you should notify BCDC staff by completing the permit assignment form.

If you cannot complete construction of your project before your permit expires, you must request an extension of completion time before the date of expiration. Likewise, if you identify project elements or changes that are not authorized, you must submit a request to amend the permit to include the omissions or changes.

Failure to comply with permits conditions can invalidate the permit and lead to enforcement action against the permittee, which often includes fines.

See below for forms and instructions to complete various permit requirements.

Forms for Requirements of Permit Conditions

Complete this form prior to commencing any grading, demolition, or construction under the conditions of the permit. This applies to each amendment

Certification of contractor review (PDF) || MS Word

Complete the form if your permit requires you to permanently gurantee any Public Access, View Corridor, and Open Space

Complete this form upon project completion. This applies to all permits, including each amendment, except regionwide permits

Notice of completion and declaration of compliance (PDF) // MS Word

Complete an Assignment of Partial Assignment of Permit each time a change in ownership occurs

  • Instructions
    • All owners on the deed must sign the assignment form, either as the people granting the assignment (assignors) or the people accepting the assignment (assignees). Type the name(s) of each signatory under the signature.
    • If the assignor or assignee is an entity, trustee or person with power of attorney, then the authorized representative may sign. The authorized representative must, by signing the form, have the authority to bind the entity or owner to the terms of the permit.
    • Fill in the blanks as appropriate to the permit.
  • Attachments
    • Attach a copy of the deed, recent title report or lease that demonstrates that the person (or the entity) accepting the assignment has control over the property.
    • Attach a signature authority if the person signing the form is acting on behalf of an entity, or as trustee or with the power of attorney
  • Forms

Permittees who want assistance in complying with their permit’s special conditions should contact BCDC's staff.