November 20, 2019 Enforcement Committee Meeting Summary

Three members of the Enforcement Committee attended the November 20, 2019, BCDC Enforcement Committee meeting, which was held at the Bay Area Metro Center, located at 375 Beale Street in San Francisco.

At the meeting, the Committee received three briefings. The first briefing was an update on Union Point Park’s Encampment Closure and Park Restoration Plan which included a presentation from the City of Oakland.  During the public comment a representative of the Port of Oakland, the owner of the land; Brock de Lappe, Harbor Master/Property Manager Alameda Marina; and several interested parties spoke.  The Committee affirmed the action that staff intends to pursue.  To issue two separate violation reports, given two separate permits covering the Park, and to pursue a single stipulated cease and desist order through which  the Port of Oakland and the City of Oakland will agree to undertake the actions necessary to restore the park area to its originally intended use as a public park for the surrounding community in addition to having measures in place to prevent recurrence of encampment. 

The second briefing was an update on the management of vessels in Richardson’s Bay and the efforts by local agencies to control the situation.  Representatives from the City of Sausalito and the Richardson’s Bay Regional Agency (RBRA) presented updates including progress on their respective plans for both short term actions and the development of a long-term strategy and public comments were made by interested parties.  Based on BCDC staff recommendations the Committee approved the issuance of letters to the City of Sausalito, the RBRA, and the individual local RBRA member agencies addressing BCDC’s expectation for actions to be taken in the near term as well as the expectation that these entities will develop long-term plans to comply with the legal requirements.  The Committee approved the plan for continued engagement with anticipated progress reports in February 2020 and in April 2020.

At the end of the meeting, as part of the enforcement report, the Executive Director provided information on the workforce review that will occur on November 21, 2019, to determine the resource needs for the enforcement unit related to the audit recommendations.

For details on each briefing, contact Priscilla Njuguna 

The next Enforcement Committee meeting will be held from 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM on December 12, 2019, at the Bay Area Metro Center, 375 Beale Street in San Francisco. At that meeting, the Enforcement Committee will receive a short update on the workforce review.