September 12, 2019 Enforcement Committee Meeting Summary

Four members of the Enforcement Committee attended the September 12, 2019 BCDC Enforcement Committee meeting, which was held at the Bay Area Metro Center, located at 375 Beale Street in San Francisco.

At the meeting, the Committee received two briefings. The first was a policy update on the management of vessels in Richardson’s Bay, with presentations from representatives of the Richardson’s Bay Regional Agency (RBRA) and the City of Sausalito. After the Richardson’s Bay presentations, the members noted their support for efforts to prevent any additional boats from entering the anchorage and expressed skepticism that a possible mooring field would be consistent with the McAteer-Petris Act. Committee members also asked staff to make recommendations to the Committee regarding the number of liveaboard slips in the area’s marinas and be prepared to present further updates on the region’s progress in the upcoming months. 

The second briefing centered on the management and abatement of abandoned and derelict vessels, with presentations from representatives of the United States Coast Guard, the State Lands Commission, and the Oakland Police Department and Oakland’s Jack London Aquatic Center. Presentations focused on the tools and funding sources available to federal, state, and local agencies to address the issues with abandoned vessels and marine debris. The speakers noted the issues with limited funding, particularly for abatement of commercial vessels, as well as the gaps in tracking recreational vessels and preventing the transfer derelict vessels. The Committee asked staff to explore possible policy proposals to strengthen the resources and tools for addressing abandoned and derelict vessels.