Public Comments on BCDC Audit Report 2018-120

My name is John Zucker. I’m with Friends of Westpoint Harbor but today I’m here just representing myself.

I found the State Auditor’s report to be fairly accurate based on my view from outside your organization. But I was also disappointed that it focused primarily on the enforcement aspect of BCDC.

I believe the part of BCDC’s organization that is responsible for Permits, from initial application to compliance and sign-off, needs to be completely separated from the part that does Planning and Studies and so on.

That separate Permit Group needs a reinvented Business Process, a Restructured Organization and a reestablishment of its Core Values, which are the principles that guide your organization's internal conduct as well as its relationship with the external world.

Your Business Process needs to be overhauled to reflect a customer-centric paradigm of compliance in which enforcement is rarely necessary.

Then you need to Structure an Organization to enable that Process to flow seamlessly from the time you receive a permit application until the time you finally sign it off.

In my view, the management that got BCDC to where it is today is not the management that can take BCDC into its future.

I intend to be part of the public that demands legislation to ensure that changes in BCDC’s management will happen.