February 21, 2019 Enforcement Committee Meeting Summary

Three members of the Enforcement Committee attended the February 21, 2019, BCDC Enforcement Committee meeting, which was held at the Bay Area Metro Center located at 375 Beale Street, San Francisco.

The Committee voted unanimously to adopt the Executive Director’s recommended enforcement decision, including proposed Cease and Desist and Civil Penalty Order No. CDO 2019.001.00, to Salt River Construction Corporation (SRCC) for illegal dredging activities in Marin County and unauthorized mooring of barges in San Mateo County. The respondent, SRCC, did not appear to present their position on the matter. The proposed order would require SRCC to cease from engaging in the illegal dredging activities and includes a proposed penalty of $28,500. For details contact Karen Donovan 415-352-3628; karen.donovan@bcdc.ca.gov.

The Committee received four briefings on the local efforts to improve the management of vessels moored in Richardson’s Bay, Marin County, from: (1) Adrienne Klein, Chief of Enforcement, BCDC, on BCDC’s Richardson’s Bay Special Area Plan, with a focus on the polices that pertain to vessels anchored in Richardson’s Bay; (2) Beth Pollard, Executive Director, Richardson’s Bay Regional Agency (RBRA), on its process to develop and implement an anchorage management strategy on Marin County waters that may lead to the installation of moorings; (3) Mayor Joan Cox, City of Sausalito, on the City’s actions to manage the vessels anchored or moored on City property since the City’s withdrawal from the RBRA in 2017; and (4) Rebecca Schwarz-Lesberg, San Francisco Bay Program Director, Audubon California, on the results of a white paper entitled "Eelgrass, Herring, and Waterbirds in San Francisco Bay: Threats and Opportunities," which found that the anchor out vessels moored in Richardson’s Bay have caused adverse impacts to between 50-84 acres of subtidal eelgrass habitat in Richardson’s Bay and that these impacts are ongoing. Following the presentations, the Enforcement Committee members held a discussion wherein they expressed support for the ongoing enforcement efforts by the City and the RBRA and concerns about the RBRA’s future possible mooring proposal. The Enforcement Committee did not take a formal position on these local actions and requested that staff schedule future adddtional briefings on the matter. For details contact Adrienne Klein 415/352-3609; adrienne.klein@bcdc.ca.gov.

As of March 4, 2019, no additional Enforcement Committee meetings are scheduled.