Call for Applications to Serve in the Engineering Criteria Review Board

The Executive Director of the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission (BCDC) invites applications from a diverse range of qualified candidates to be considered for four openings and alternates on BCDC’s Engineering Criteria Review Board

The Engineering Criteria Review Board (ECRB) is an advisory board that assists BCDC in evaluating the engineering aspects of development projects proposed in the San Francisco Bay that require BCDC permits. Simply stated, the ECRB ensures that major projects over the Bay, such as bridges, wharves, piers, seawalls, etc. will be safe. As such, the ECRB’s composition includes five eminent structural, coastal, and geotechnical engineers. The Commission is seeking four volunteer members and four volunteer alternates, including a geotechnical engineer, earthquake/seismic engineer or scientist, coastal engineer, and an engineering geologist or geologist to join the advisory board. 

ECRB members are professionals in private practice, government service, and academia. The members volunteer their time and expertise to advise the Commission regarding seismic, flooding, and other engineering issues, and to assist applicants in designing projects based upon appropriate engineering criteria. The BCDC staff engineer, who ushers projects for ECRB review, serves as secretary to the ECRB.

BCDC adopted its Environmental Justice and Social Equity policies in October 2019 and hired the agency’s first environmental justice project manager in December 2019.  BCDC recognizes that historic and current discriminatory and unfair policies implemented at all levels of government have resulted in generations of communities of color facing persistent poverty, poor public health, inadequate public services and infrastructure, disproportionate exposure to polluted air, water, and soil, and underrepresentation in policymaking. Therefore, BCDC is seeking to promote ethnic, gender, and racial diversity in its approach to recruiting and finding members of its technical advisory boards. The selection process includes the following steps:

  1. Submittal of qualifications letter (electronic resume)
  2. Review of qualifications by selection committee (video conference)
  3. Online interviews of selected candidates by committee (video conference)
  4. Committee recommendation of candidates to ECRB
  5. Staff report with ECRB recommendation forwarded for Commission review and approval (online Commission meeting)

Applicants should submit a letter of interest along with a resume and biography, as available. BCDC would like to understand your interests in serving on the Board, and your relevant experience as a geotechnical, coastal, earthquake engineer/scientist, and/or engineering geologist or geologist. If you have relevant projects or video presentation links you would like to share with us, we invite you to include these in or along with your submittal.  Please provide your submittal by June 4, 2021.  Please limit the attachment file size to 10mb or provide links for download.  The selection committee is comprised of two members of the ECRB and two BCDC staff.

If you have not attended an ECRB meeting, we invite you to review past meeting minutes as posted on BCDC’s website. You may review the meeting materials by following this link and downloading the pdf documents.

Links to Background Information

Below is a series of links to provide you with a bit more information about the Engineering Criteria Review Board.

The purview of the Engineering Criteria Review Board typically concerns the following San Francisco Bay Plan policies:

  • Safety of Fills
  • Shoreline Protection
  • Climate Change Often there are other relevant policies that are dependent on the project’s particular details. The staff notes all applicable policies in the staff report submitted for the ECRB’s consideration.

The ECRB Pamphlet provides an overview of the process. It is currently being updated in terms of requirements and policies but provides a sense of the ECRB review process.

If interested, you may contact staff engineer, Rafael Montes.