April 8, 2019 Design Review Board

Time and Location

5:30 p.m.
Bay Area Metro Center
375 Beale Street
Yerba Buena Room, First Floor
San Francisco, CA 94105
(415) 778-6700

Tentative Agenda

  1. Call to Order and Safety Announcement
  2. Report of Chief of Permits
  3. Approval of Draft Minutes for March 11, 2019 Meetings (PDF)
  4. Brooklyn Basin (Oak to Ninth) Development Project, South Park and Channel Park, City of Oakland, Alameda County; First Post-Permit Issuance Review (PDF)  Appendices (PDF)
    The Design Review Board will conduct its first post-permit issuance review of the design by Zarsion-Oakland Harbor Partners (formerly Oakland Harbor Partners, LLC), the City of Oakland, and the Port of Oakland, for the South Park and Channel Park areas of the Brooklyn Basin project authorized in BCDC Permit No. 2006.007.01. The approximately 8.27-acre proposed parks include shoreline pathways for pedestrian and bicycle access, shoreline parking, public plazas, and areas for special events. The Board reviewed the Brooklyn Basin project prior to permit issuance in 2007. The upcoming Board review of South Park and Channel Park is required pursuant to the BCDC permit.
    (Yuri Jewett) [415/352-3616; yuri.jewett@bcdc.ca.gov]
    Exhibits (PDF)
  5. Lake Merritt to Bay Trail Pedestrian and Bicycle Bridge, City of Oakland, Alameda County; First Pre-Application Review (PDF).
    The Design Review Board will conduct its first review of a proposal by the City of Oakland to construct an elevated pedestrian and bicycle bridge along the Lake Merritt Channel, in the City of Oakland. The proposed bridge is intended to create a continuous pedestrian and bicycle trail from Lake Merritt to the Bay Trail at the Oakland Estuary, and would touch down and connect to existing or planned trail segments at four locations. The project would also include removal of a deteriorated railroad bridge.
    (Rebecca Coates-Maldoon) [415/352-3634; rebecca.coates-maldoon@bcdc.ca.gov]
    Exhibits (PDF)
  6. Adjournment