Community Vulnerability Mapping

BCDC's Adapting to Rising Tides Program developed data to better understand community vulnerability to current and future flooding due to sea level rise and storms. BCDC’s community vulnerability mapping is intended to support shoreline adaptation planning and be used by the public and project applicants to help implement BCDC’s Environmental Justice and Social Equity Bay Plan policies.

To facilitate the implementation of these new policies, BCDC developed resources to support project applicants, BCDC staff, and interested stakeholders, such as residents and community-based organizations.

Contribute your community story and help build equitable shorelines with the Community Based Organization Directory Map. By completing a short survey to share information about your community-based organization, including contact information, organization mission and values, communities served, and stewardship/service areas.

Please take 10 minutes to complete the following survey.

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about BCDC’s community vulnerability mapping.

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an interactive map of community vulnerability in the Bay Area. 

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maps and data for further analysis.