Sediment and Beneficial Reuse Working Group

The initial purpose of the Sediment and Beneficial Reuse Commissioner Working Group is to provide active Commission oversight of BCDC’s implementation of the EPA and OPC sediment-related grants that BCDC received in Summer 2022 that will help BCDC develop a Beneficial Reuse Policy. Those grants have three distinct purposes:

  • To help BCDC build a coalition in support of increased reuse of dredged sediment, particularly for habitat restoration;
  • To create a financing strategy that will support such increased reuse, which is significantly more expensive than the cost of simply dumping the sediment in the ocean or within the Bay; and,
  • To discuss the need for and to propose a new Bay Plan amendment that would distinguish the habitat-related uses of sediment as an important BCDC policy.

Commission Members

Dr. Andrew Gunther, Chair
Patricia Showalter, Vice-Chair
Dr. Tessa Beach
Ellen Blake
Pat Eklund
Yoriko Kishimoto
John Vasquez