Staff Report and Recommendation to Approve a Contract with World Trust for Implicit Bias Training

(For Commission consideration on April 15, 2021)

Staff Recommendation

The staff recommends that the Commission authorize the Executive Director to enter into a contract with World Trust for $9,999.99 for a two-part, live Implicit Bias Training for BCDC staff. The staff further recommends that the Commission authorize the Executive Director to amend the contract as necessary, including revising the amount or duration of the agreement, so long as the amendment does not change the amount more than ten percent or involve substantial changes in the services provided.

Staff Report


BCDC’s continues to advance on its racial equity and environmental justice efforts, both internally and externally. The BCDC Racial Equity Team (RET) conducted an all staff Racial Equity Survey in 2019. Among the recommendations to senior staff was an identified need for Implicit Bias training. It is important for all BCDC staff to establish baseline definitions and understanding for our racial equity in order to have consistency and advancement in our racial equity and environmental justice efforts.

World Trust Educational Services is a 22-year old non-profit organization, based in Oakland, California focused on building social and racial equity. They incorporate various forms of media and personal stories in their “Learning Labs” to cultivate safe spaces for open an honest dialogue. The first Learning Lab will explore the capacity to analyze the components of structures and other mechanisms that engender inequity is a precursor to change. World Trust’s approach explores Western dominant culture and engages people in knowing what it means to think systemically which is crucial for building new systems. The second Learning Lab will be a deeper dive and chance to work with these ideas that can help build participants’ capacity to identify, talk productively about and act to address white culture, white privilege, and their consequences in their spheres of influence.