Listing of Pending Administrative Matters

This report lists the administrative permit applications, federal consistency actions, marsh development permits in the Secondary Management Area of the Suisun Marsh, regionwide permit actions, minor amendments to the Suisun Marsh Local Protection Program, and emergency permits that are pending with the Commission. The staff members to whom the matters have been assigned are indicated at the end of the projects’ description. Inquiries should be directed to the assigned staff member prior to the Commission meeting.

Administrative Permits and Federal Consistency Actions

The following administrative permit applications have been filed and are presently pending with the Commission. The Executive Director will take the action indicated on the matters unless the Commission determines that it is necessary to hold a public hearing.

Applicant Description LocationFiled60th Day 90th Day
BCDC Permit Application No. M2020.009.00

County of Marin Department of Public Works Capital Projects Division
3501 Civic Center Drive, Suite 304
San Rafael, California 94903

To improve park pathways, landscaping, and install a bike lane:
 The project will result in improvements to a public access area previously dedicated from a roadway widening project within the Commission’s Bay jurisdiction that includes

  1. approximately six ADA-accessible benches and one trash/recycling receptacle;
  2. approximately 700 linear feet of ADA-accessible pathways;
  3. an approximately 120-square-foot stairway;
  4. an approximately 17,350-square-foot planting area;
  5. an approximately 3,850-square-foot vehicle access lane;
  6. an approximately 400-foot-long, 5-foot-wide public sidewalk; and
  7. the installation of approximately five bicycle lane/no parking signs.

Within the Commission’s Bay jurisdiction,
at 882 Point San Pedro Road,
in the City of San Rafael, Marin County.

01/28/2021   04/28/2021
Tentative Staff Position: Recommend Approval with Conditions. (Yuri Jewett; 415/352-3616 or

Applicant Description LocationFiled60th Day 90th Day
White Slough Specific Area Plan (WSSAP) Amendments
BCDC Inquiry File No. SL.NV.7032.1
City of Vallejo
Planning Division
555 Santa Clara Street
P.O. Box 3056
Vallejo, California 94590

The amendment would align the WSSAP with the City's General Plan 2040, adopted in August 2017, where land use designations and restrictions within the WSSAP boundaries would match those allowed under the Zoning Code Land Uses (as subject to Title 16 of the Vallejo Municipal Zoning Code). The code rezoned properties and established development standards citywide to ensure consistency with the revised General Plan. No boundaries are affected.

This amendment would not change any public access and would not place fill in the Bay.
BCDC staff finds that the proposed amendment requested by the City of Vallejo is consistent with the White Slough Protection and Development Act, the McAteer-Petris Act and with the San Francisco Bay Plan in that it will not adversely affect the Bay nor public access to and enjoyment of the Bay, and the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). BCDC staff also finds that the proposed amendment is consistent with the Commission's Amended Management Program for the San Francisco Bay, as approved by the Department of Commerce under the Federal Coastal Zone Management Act of 1972, as amended.

The City of Vallejo City Council concluded that the adoption of the Code Text Amendment is exempt from further environmental review under CEQA, because the substance of the changes have already been reviewed under the Initial Study and Draft Mitigated Negative Declaration (IS/MND) that were prepared for the New Zoning Code Project tiering from the General Plan 2040/Sonoma Boulevard Specific Plan Environmental Impact Report (EIR). That EIR was certified by the City Council in August 2017, and the IS/MND was prepared and circulated for public review on January 8, 2021, and is expected to be adopted In the next few weeks. These environmental documents determined that with mitigations, the proposed project would not have a significant effect on the environment. Pursuant to Section 15152 of the CEQA Guidelines, an EIR or MND may tier from the environmental analysis of an earlier EIR or MND. Adoption of the Mitigated Negative Declaration satisfies Section 15074 (Consideration and Adoption of a Negative Declaration or Mitigated Negative Declaration) of CEQA. The effect of the amendment would simply align the WSSAP text with the revised General Plan requirements where WSSAP boundaries align with the Zoning Code.

In the area around South White Slough, north of Redwood Street, west of Sonoma
Boulevard and State Route 29, south of State Route 37,
within the Development Zones 1a and 2a, of the White Slough Specific Area Plan, in the
City of Vallejo, Solano County.



Recommend Approval. (Cody Aichele-Rothman; 415/352-3641 or