January 18, 2018 Commission Meeting Summary

19 members attended the January 18, 2018 BCDC meeting, which was held at the Metro Center Regional Headquarters Building in San Francisco.

The Commission received a briefing from Professor Mark Lubell of U.C. Davis on his new report: "The Governance Gap: Climate Adaptation and Sea-Level Rise in the San Francisco Bay Area."

Following a public hearing, the Commission voted 19-0-0 to approve an amendment to the United States Army Corps of Engineers’ Consistency Determination No. C2015.006.00, to include the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service as a co-applicant and to authorize the construction of the first of five levee reaches making up the South Bay Shoreline Project. For details contact Brenda Goeden (415/352-3623; brenda.goeden@bcdc.ca.gov). Following a public hearing, the Commission voted 19-0-0 to approve BCDC’s 2016 Annual Report and send it to the Governor and to the State Legislature. For details contact Steve Goldbeck (415/352-3611; steve.goldbeck@bcdc.ca.gov).

The Commission held a closed session on the Commission’s pending litigation in the case of Point Buckler Club LLC and John Donnelly Sweeney v. BCDC, in Solano County Superior Court. For details contact Marc Zeppetello (415/352-3655; marc.zeppetello@bcdc.ca.gov).

To participate in Professor Mark Lubell’s Bay Area-wide survey on rising sea level and governance, please contact him at: mlubell@ucdavis.edu; BCDC looks forward to robust regionwide participation.