Office of the State Auditor releases report on BCDC’s reinvigorated enforcement program

On May 14, 2019, the Office of the State Auditor released an audit of BCDC’s recently reinvigorated enforcement program. In response to the audit, BCDC Chair Zack Wasserman issued the following statement:

“BCDC commends the staff of the State Auditor’s Office for their integrity and thoughtfulness as they worked on the audit of the agency’s reinvigorated enforcement program. The report can best be summarized as declaring that ‘BCDC must do more enforcement more consistently.’ BCDC staff had many productive discussions with the Auditor’s staff while they developed their recommendations and Commissioners and staff began to implement some of the recommendations prior to the audit’s release. We look forward to providing the public with a more transparent and consistent enforcement program.

“While there are statements in the audit report with which BCDC does not agree, our Commissioners and staff are pleased that the auditors found no evidence of improper staff conduct, such as bias or “moving the goalposts,” as some permit violators appeared to suggest before the audit began. BCDC also very much appreciates the Auditor’s conclusion that BCDC generally approves and imposes reasonable permit conditions that comply with state laws. Just as important, it is clear from the report that BCDC needs more resources to improve its enforcement program, as well as its planning activities.

“BCDC has played a critical role as a Bay steward during the past six decades. The Bay is larger and healthier than when BCDC was created in 1965 and the public has far more access to the Bay and its shoreline. Today, BCDC is leading the multi-party effort to ensure that the Bay, its shoreline, and all its communities, habitats, and assets, become more resilient to flooding caused by rising sea levels. The audit’s recommendations are a roadmap to help the Commission as it protects the Bay and makes it even more environmentally and economically productive for all of the Bay Area.”

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