Maps and Data

Bay Area Sea Level Rise Analysis maps are now available online at the Bay Shoreline Flood Explorer

The Bay Shoreline Flood Explorer is a website designed to help Bay Area communities understand current and future flooding risks due to sea level rise and storms. The website will help users learn flood concepts, explore interactive flood maps, and download GIS data. These maps show what could be at risk without adaptation and identify specific areas that face the greatest risk, helping Bay communities, governments, and businesses to drive strategic action.

East Contra Costa Sea Level Rise maps available online at the East Contra Costa Shoreline Flood Explorer

The East Contra Costa Shoreline Flood Explorer allows government organizations and communities in East Contra Costa County to access interactive, online maps of local flood risks due to rising sea levels and storm events. These maps complement the information in the Bay Shoreline Flood Explorer and highlight what East Contra Costa could look like without implementing local and regional adaptation plans to minimize flood risks. The site also will help inform and empower citizens to connect with ongoing efforts and community organizations working to minimize those impacts.

The Adapting to Rising Tides Program and BCDC are working with local, state, regional and federal agencies and organizations to gather, develop and analyze the data needed to understand the impacts of a changing climate on Bay Area communities, infrastructure, services, and natural resources. You can find additional GIS data and resources here.

The  ART  Bay  Area  Flood  Explorer
The ART Bay Shoreline Flood Explorer allows for interactive exploration and download of the Bay Area sea level rise and shoreline analysis maps. These maps depict areas atrisk of temporary or permanent flooding due to sea levelrise and storms as well as shoreline overtopping.