Water Trail Project

A water trail is a network of access sites on a waterway that enables boaters to take point to point trips. BCDC, the California Coastal Conservancy, the Association of Bay Area Governments Bay Trail Project and other agencies and organizations are planning a San Francisco Bay Area Water Trail that will serve non-motorized small boats such as kayaks.


In September 2005, Governor Schwarzenegger signed California Assembly Bill 1296 which established the San Francisco Bay Area Water Trail. This legislation directed BCDC to lead a collaborative, public planning process to define policies, criteria and guidelines for appropriate trail location, design, operation and maintenance.

This water trail plan must identify sensitive wildlife areas where access should be managed or prohibited; and describe an organizational structure and procedures for Water Trail management and operation that advances navigational safety, protects wildlife and fosters environmental stewardship.

A draft of the San Francisco Bay Area Water Trail Plan has been developed. The California State Coastal Conservancy is leading the implementation of the Water Trail and is currently leading the programmatic environmental review process for the Water Trail Plan.

Planning meetings

BCDC project staff led meetings of the Water Trail Steering Committee, a group representing the diverse stakeholders affected by the trail. The Steering Committee advised staff on policies and guidelines for implementation of the Water Trail.

Meetings summaries

Steering Committee documents

Charter document for the steering committee / Doc )
Work plan for the steering committee / Doc )


Please contact Ellen Miramontes, ellen.miramontes@bcdc.ca.gov or 415-352-3643, to learn more about available information.