The enforcement provisions of the McAteer-Petris Act authorize the issuance of court-imposed penalties and injunctions, administrative penalties and standardized fines, cease and desist and civil penalty orders, and misdemeanor prosecution of violators.

To deal with violations, highest priority is given to those that involve potential harm to the Bay’s natural resources or failure to provide public access or mitigation required by a BCDC permit. Anyone can report alleged violations to BCDC staff for investigation. Permits are routinely monitored to ensure that the conditions of authorization have been met.

BCDC enforcement staff conduct site visits to ensure that the public access has been built and maintained as required by permits. Some violations can be resolved when the violator takes immediate steps to resolve their violations as directed by the enforcement staff, who aim to be user friendly and helpful. The majority of the violations are resolved at the staff level using the standardized fines provided in BCDC’s regulations. However, the most serious violations are referred to the Commission’s Enforcement Committee or to the State Attorney General’s Office for prosecution.

Report and alleged violation

Members of the public who want to report an alleged violation should use the following: report alleged violations

Assistance with permit compliance

Permittees who want assistance in complying with permit’s special conditions or have questions about the Commission’s enforcement program should contact BCDC's staff.

Permittees can find the following forms and instructions for completing various permit requirements under Application Forms and Fees.