Listing of Pending Administrative Matters

This report lists the administrative permit applications, federal consistency actions, marsh development permits in the Secondary Management Area of the Suisun Marsh, regionwide permit actions, minor amendments to the Suisun Marsh Local Protection Program, and emergency permits that are pending with the Commission. The staff members to whom the matters have been assigned are indicated at the end of the projects’ description. Inquiries should be directed to the assigned staff member prior to the Commission meeting.

Administrative Permits and Federal Consistency Actions

The following administrative permit applications have been filed and are presently pending with the Commission. The Executive Director will take the action indicated on the matters unless the Commission determines that it is necessary to hold a public hearing.

Applicant Description LocationFiled90th Day
BCDC Permit Application No. M2019.035.00
TC I 2421 Blanding, LLC Tidewater Capital 564 Market Street, Suite 225 San Francisco, California 94104 Install and maintain in-kind a 4-inch-thick asphalt-concrete soil cap and asphalt cover over an approximately 35,374-square-foot contaminated industrial yard, 13,497 square feet of which is within the 100-foot shoreline band. The project area will continue to be used for its existing industrial uses, which include truck loading and unloading and parking adjacent to a warehouse building. Given site constraints no feasible   options exist to provide public access improvements to the Bay shoreline at this location at present. However, the project is limited to a soil cap and asphalt cover that would in no way prohibit or otherwise reduce potential future opportunities for public access connections to the Bay shoreline should conditions change, or should the site be redeveloped in the future. Within the Commission’s 100-foot shoreline band, at 2020 Everett Street, in the City of Alameda, Alameda County. 04/06/20 07/05/20
Tentative Staff Position: Recommend Approval with Conditions. (Morgan Chow; 415/352-3654 or