February 1, 2018 Commission Meeting Summary

18 members attended the February 1, 2018 BCDC meeting, which was held at the Metro Center Regional Headquarters Building in San Francisco.

Following a public hearing, the Commission voted 18-0-0 to commence a rulemaking process to decide whether to revise the Commission’s permit application fees.  For details contact Marc Zeppetello (415/352-3655; marc.zeppetello@bcdc.ca.gov ).

The Commission received a briefing from staff members Elizabeth Felter and Elena Perez on the Government Alliance and Race Equity (GARE) Program, and its applicability to BCDC.  For details contact Elizabeth Felter (415/352-3647; eiizabeth.felter@bcdc.ca.gov ) or Elena Perez (415/352-3612; elena.perez@bcdc.ca.gov ).